shabumaru: Farm-to-Table Hotpot Cuisine

Healthy Japanese Comfort Food Restaurant Opens at The Westin Copley Place

February 12, 2015

shabumaru, a new hotpot dining destination, created by the restaurant group behind the celebrated Douzo and Basho Japanese Brasserie, opened recently bringing warm tradition and modern culinary sensibilities to Boston’s Back Bay. 

With an interior boasting rustic natural wood, subway tiles, and live flora installations, the 40-seat shabumaru offers a striking setting and experience that will set a new standard for hotpot dining.  Guests may choose to sit at tables of 2 to 6, or cozy up to the three-sided bar facing an open-kitchen and enjoy cooking delectable prime cuts of all-natural meat and seafood and sustainable farm-fresh vegetables in their own individual hotpot.

“I’ve created shabumaru with the same fundamental ethos as my previous ventures – a commitment to quality ingredients, proper technique, attention to detail, and warm hospitality,” explains owner Jack Haung. "At its core shabumaru takes hotpot dining to a new level by offering guests the opportunity to create delicious comforting food that's healthy with a menu comprised of the highest quality ingredients with no MSG or artificial flavors in any dish."

The culinary adventure begins with a rousing “Irasshaimase,” a traditional Japanese welcome from the staff, followed by an introduction to how the meal will flow. Whether guests have only 30 minutes for lunch or plan to relax over an extended dinner, an experienced shabu shabu guide will help navigate each step of the process centered around the simmering pot of broth kept at the perfect temperature. Guests start off by choosing house made vegetable or chicken broth poured into personal copper bottom pots specially designed to create consistent boiling heat of 180-210 degrees without overflowing. The traditional shabu shabu-style experience continues with a selection of razor-thin meat options like certified Miyazaki Waygu beef, Korobuta pork belly, all-natural chicken breast, and sushi-grade salmon, tuna, and yellowtail - all complemented by an assortment of seasonal locally grown fresh vegetables and rice or noodles. Signature condiments include a ponzu citrus-based soy sauce and creamy sesame sauce, served with mix-ins such as garlic paste, scallions, daikon puree, and chili oil, allowing guests to design taste sensations to suit their own palette.

In much the same way that shabumaru’s menu celebrates the purity of hotpot cuisine, its beverage program takes a similar approach to simplicity and artisanal craftsmanship. Beer lovers will appreciate the choice of some of Japan’s top brews. Wine drinkers will be able to sip from a thoughtfully curated list of red, white or sparkling wines in bottles and by-the-glass pours. shabumaru’s wine and beer selection is rounded out by a sake selection culled from Japan.

Open seven days a week, shabumaru is located at 10 Huntington Ave. (The Westin Copley Place) in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.  For further information, please visit or call 617-437-8888.

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