Nantucket Looms and Fare Isle Announce Collaboration

Special label products available at Nantucket Looms' iconic Main Street store and website

April 16, 2015

Nantucket Looms has announced a collaboration with island-based specialty kitchen Fare Isle and is pleased to introduce four new products which will carry the Nantucket Looms’ label and will be sold exclusively in the store and on the website.

Lemon Thyme Herbal Finishing Salt, Lady of the Isle Tea, Maple Citrus Marmalade and Orange Maple Mustard were jointly developed by Fare Isle owner Kaity Farrell and Looms’ business owners Bess Clarke and Stephanie Hall and are now available for sale.

  • Lemon Thyme Herbal Finishing Salt: French-harvested fleur de sel sea salt, organic Nantucket thyme and lemon zest
  • Lady of the Isle Tea: Rich black tea flavored with Nantucket lavender and wild rose petals
  • Maple Citrus Marmalade: Featuring blood oranges, cara cara oranges and Meyer lemons
  • Orange Maple Mustard: Sweet and spicy: whole grain mustard with hints of orange and maple

Fare Isle is a farm-to-table purveyor of hand-crafted, all natural and vegan condiments and provisions, spices, tea blends, herbal infusions and also has a line of high-quality skin care and wellness products. Nantucket Looms started carrying a small selection last fall and, based on positive customer feedback, approached Fare Isle owner Kaity Farrell about a joint venture.

“We really respect the business Kaity has built and what she stands for,” said Clarke. “In many ways, she echoes our way of thinking and the way we run our business. I think that the Looms and Fare Isle both bring out the best of Nantucket and pay homage to the natural, unspoiled beauty of the island - the unique ‘specialness’ of this place. It is a very fitting partnership.”

The products were developed and taste-tested around a table on the second floor of Nantucket Looms over the winter. “We wanted our first special label products with Fare Isle to have broad appeal,” said Clarke. “We thought about the things we enjoy around our own dining tables and worked with the wonderful ingredients that Kaity and her husband Jacob harvest in their garden. It was a very delicious process!”

Farrell started Fare Isle as a blog on which to share her passion for growing, harvesting and cooking healthful food using farm-to-table, sustainable practices. After her son was born about three years ago, she turned her pastime into a business. “Everything we make is 100% natural, made with organic and wild crafted ingredients from the Earth,” said Farrell. What she is not able to grow in her own garden, Farrell sources from other sustainable, organic gardens as close to home as possible.

Nantucket Looms is proud to support this island born and bred business and carries a tantalizing selection of Fare Isle products in addition to the exclusive line: Organic Hot Cocoa Mix with Vanilla Bean; Country style Mustard; Organic Infused Olive Oils; Organic Nantucket Cranberry Chutney and Wild Nantucket Blackberry Preserves, to name a few.

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About Nantucket Looms

Nantucket Looms is a Nantucket Island-based business with more than 40 years of operating history. Founded in 1968 as a weaving studio, the company has evolved and expanded over the years to include a well-curated selection of art, housewares and gifts unique to Nantucket, as well as interior design services and a bridal registry – yet has adhered to the iconic Nantucket “cottage-style” and quietly sophisticated design sensibility epitomized by its founders, William Euler and Andrew Oates. Nantucket Looms is located on Main Street, in the heart of the historic downtown district. A vibrant, year-round business, “the Looms” employs a full staff of designers and weavers.

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